"!! Om Shri Sai Ram !!"  

Significance of BADE (Sai) BABA and SHIBPUR BABA at Shibpur Temple:

The Temple of Shirdi Sai baba at Shibpur basically has two statues or Idols of Baba. One is called the Shibpur Sai Baba, which is made of the Fiber Glass material by Mr. Subir Paul – a national award winner for making fiber Glass statues and who is also a close friend of Amitji. Another statue of equal importance is the Bade (sai) baba Statue, which was donated by a Sai Devotee K. V. Ramani. This is a marble statue. Shibpur temple is the only temple in the world which has two Sai Baba idols in the same temple. One is facing the other and so it is said that it will look out to the welfare of the people in all the directions.

Let me tell you the significance of both the Baba idols there. As we all know that Amitji has dreamt about Baba and Baba had ordered him to construct this temple. In the same way, Once when Amitji was meditating on Baba, Baba had said to Amitji that he will be arriving in this temple from very far away and will reside there. This was the time when the present Bade baba temple was just in construction. This temple of bade baba is visible as we enter the mandir. The present Bade Baba temple was initially built for the Shibpur Baba. But, as the time passed Amitji was contacted by Mr. K.V. Ramani and he insisted of donating the Bade Baba’s statue to the temple. This statue does have the same brightness and the divinity as we see in the Shirdi Sai baba’s Idol at Shirdi.

So once the Bade Baba temple construction was completed, the Bade baba marble idol was placed here with due formalities and it did prove Baba’s words right when he said that he would himself arrive from far and reside here for the welfare of the people. This idol was brought from Jaipur -Rajasthan which is for sure very far from this temple. So, the Bade Baba temple is also equally important for any devotee visiting shibpur.

The Bade Baba’s idol is daily made to Bath by the priest, the dress on this idol is daily changed and all the four Aarti’s are done to this idol. This idol of Baba accepts and answers the prayers of all the devotees who pray to baba in this temple with full devotion and faith. What more can we write about this temple and about Bade baba has just to be in front of him and experience his presence in this temple. Bade Baba had indicated to Amitji that there would be 3 significant miracles once he is in the temple. Those were –

Baba would come into the temple as a 11ft. snake

Baba would come from far to reside there in the temple

A lady delivers a child after 22 years of her marriage.


Shibpur Sai Baba idol is quite contrast to this, is what Amitji once said. This idol of Baba was made in 2007 by Mr. Subir Paul with Fiber glass material. This also has its own significance and importance. This as Amitji says is equivalent to the routines of Shirdi Sai baba that this idol does not want to bath daily nor change its clothes daily. Only if Baba instructs to amitji or Baba himself wishes, then the dress will be changed. Kakad Aarti is only performed to Bade baba and not to Shibpur Baba. All other 3 Aarti’s are performed to both the idols here at the same time. Shibpur Baba will give out messages and instructions to the prayers of the devotees only to Amitji and one has to sit in the lantern light to see the glory of the shibpur Baba. If one has ultimate faith and devotion to Baba and sits in front of the shibpur idol in the lantern light. Baba might show his form or pass strong spiritual vibrations to the devotee. This has been experienced by most of the devotees visiting the temple.

So it is advised and strongly recommended to all the devotees to visit both the Baba in shibpur to experience the divinity at the temple and come home happy and satisfied.