"!! Om Shri Sai Ram !!"  

Devotees can now sponsor POOJA based on the below charges to the Temple

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: shibpursaibaba@gmail.com


: shibpurtemple@gmail.com

Services offered Charges(USD-$) Charges(Rs.) Comments/Note
1 day – one time Pooja 1 51  
Special pooja – 1 day 5 201  
One month daily pooja 25 1101  
13 month Sai Vrat Pooja – Monthly once 13 551  
13 month Sai Vrat – daily pooja 325 14,625  
Annadaan on Thursdays 31(Min) 1395(Min)  
Annadaan on special occasions 333-444 15,000-20,000 Gurupournami/data jayanthi etc days.
Offering Paisam to Baba 10 401 Preferably on Thursdays.
Anniversary or Birthday Pooja 5 201  
Annadaan on Anniversary or Birthday 51(Min) 22500 Will be served to 50-100 People
Requesting Udi from Shibpur to anywhere out of India 11 500 This includes only postal Charges.UDI is free.
Requesting Udi from Shibpur to any city in India - 50 This includes only postal Charges.UDI is free.
Offer dress to baba, any day 5 301
Offer dress to Baba on special occasions 5 301 Please inform atleast 3-5 days prior to your choosen date.
Appoint a priest for yourself – monthly 70 3150 This priest will clean the Temple.offer bhog and pooja to baba,reading of Sai Satcharitra on the devotees name.(group of any number of devotees can do this together.)
Appoint a priest for yourself – daily 5 201  

*devotees can offer any amount higher than above mentioned if they wish to.

NOTE 1: If any person has problems offering even a small amount to Baba then please contact Amitji and he can             surely offer a pooja free of cost to Baba. There is no mandatory rule that anyone needs to pay.

NOTE 2: Any devotee who is offering donations to the temple construction or Annadaan will get a Udi prasad and the             donation receipt. In this case please note to send your name, address and phone number to             shibpurtemple@gmail.com or shibpursaibaba@gmail.com

NOTE 3: Any gifts to the priest or to the local people of the village can be given only after consulting with Amitji or the             Shibpur trust members as good conduct.

NOTE 4: Please note that Amitji has his own family to take care of in Krishnanagar and so it is not possible for him to             perform pooja for everyone at the temple. The temple priest can perform the pooja if you want to offer it on a             particular day and date. Amitji can still perform pooja based on his availability.

NOTE 5: If any devotee is desiring and praying for Job at Shibpur, as a best practice to Baba, please see if you can             offer your 1st month's salary at Shibpur. You can wish to do so splitting this into 3 month's as well. If this is             not comfortable then atleast some part of your income should be offered as a good conduct.

NOTE 6: Devotees can also donate for the social welfare. The funds will be used for funding the poor children who             wish to study or for elderly persons or for medical camps etc.


For Further details, Please –

Call Amitji @ 91-9800500014 or 91-9333120111

Email – shibpursaibaba@gmail.com OR/AND shibpurtemple@gmail.com