"!! Om Shri Sai Ram !!"  


The Nadia Shibpur Sai Sadguru Samity was setup in 2003 for constructing the temple and working towards the upliftment of the poor in the area. A highlight of some of the work that the samity has been involved in is as follows:

The committee has organized around 20 health camps in the last five years in which senior citizens were given free medical checkup along with free spectacles and free eye treatment. Pregnant mothers and new born babies were given free medication after proper medical checkups.

The samity has been organizing awareness programs for AIDs, dowry, leprosy, polio, snake bite etc.

We have also been working towards creating awareness among people to take care of the health of pregnant mothers and have been promoting awareness to send the girl child to school.

We have been campaigning against drug addiction among the jobless youths of the village and its surrounding areas.

For the past 7 years we have been providing pregnant mothers with nutritious food so that the children born to them are healthy and free of diseases.

The children from poor families are also given nutritious foods on regular basis.

The samity has been contributing towards buying toys for poor children to provide them with the necessary recreational stimuli

The trustee members of “Nadia Shibpur Sai Sadguru Samity” do carry out the construction work of the temple themselves in way that all the trustee members do the labor work at the temple themselves by taking part in the building temple, carrying out the carpentry work, laying marbles and stones in the flooring on the temple. At the same time also work in the progress of the Samity and the temple’s and the people’s welfare. The trustee members themselves prepare the food and offer it to Baba. They themselves clean the utensils after Baba has HIS lunch and dinner and in some cases the devotees who visit the temple. They do this all free of cost with total devotion to Baba thinking that work is worship and these people take no rewards for this temple the devotees as well.

Devotees visiting the temple can assure this for sure. No one can math their love towards Baba and also towards the guests visiting the temple. Many devotees might have experienced this. Amitji himself was seen many a times taking part in the labor work for constructing the temple.