"!! Om Shri Sai Ram !!"  


The NADIA SHIBPUR SAI SADGURU SAMITY is registered under West Bengal Societies registration Act XXVI of 1961, under Registration No. is S/IL/45375 of 2007-08 having the registration u/s. 12AA and exemption of Income Tax u/s. 80(G)(5)(vi). The society has been performing and/or engaged with social charitable and spiritual activities throughout the year.


To establish and or to start a Computer Education Center at Shibpur.
To establish and or to start a Veterinary Hospital at Shibpur.
To establish and or to start free food & lodging to the outsiders devotees.
To start free food distribution centre for the poorest, distressed persons daily.
To start free medical checkup with free medicine distribution every month.
To start free books and study materials to at least 100 students every year.
To enhance free distribution of spectacles in the free eye checkup camps up to at least 100 poor & distressed people of the locality and outsides.
To enhance the arrangement of free distribution of Photo, Locket, Ring, books of Shri Shirdi Sai Baba every year at least to the 5000 to 8000 devotees in this locality/outsiders.



Various Folk Singers (Baul) perform at the summer Mela or Festival, organized by Nadia Shibpur Sai Sadguru Samity, held at village Shibpur P.O. Shibpur under Nakashipara block in the District of Nadia. Our main target is to save the past loko-sanskriti in the heart of the people of modern age. Through this Mela the Samity is able to create a fraternity among people. Many singers came to the fair and sing their compositions of Baul Sangeet(the Bengali Folk songs). The programme is enjoyed by devotees, Samity well wishers of the locality and outsiders as a whole.

1.  Five seminars are held yearly by the Samity to assist local Agriculturists, Farmers, Cultivators, Bargadars in the      use of bio-fertilizers mainly in the production and utilization of Vermi-Compost to fertilize agricultural land at      Shibpur,Matchpota, Radhanagar, Dhaparia and Hatisala under Nakashipara and Chapra Block in Nadia District.

2.  Two seminars are held each year by the Samity to educate local women and children under the poverty line           about Nutrition, handling of dowry demands, human rights, development of the mind of Non-School going girls and      prevention of child labour at Shibpur and Matchpota which come under Nakashipara Block in Nadia.

Our Society during this financial year 2008-2009 organized several awareness camps on HIV/AIDS, Child labor, Polio, Leprosy, Snake bite, Hepatitis/Jaundice, Blood donation, Bio-Fertiliser, Environment organized in several villages by adopting different methods such as painting messages on local walls, distribution of handbills, Miking Group meeting. Our society has launched and is running, since the last two years, a local Television Channel – “ SAI CHETANA TV ” aimed at spreading general awareness to the people of poor and distressed families within the Nadia district jurisdiction.

Environment is people’s best friend; so we want a clean and inhabitable environment in this World. To encourage environment friendly lifestyles, the society has planted many trees on the both side of Shibpur village road. This program was inaugurated on 5th June, 2008,  the occasion of Biswa Paribesh Dibas, by Prodhan Dhanjoypur Gram Panchayet on 5th June, 2008. We have taken and oath to protect our enviroment by preventing garbage staking and minimizing sound and water pollution.

Our society is engaged consistently in the providing hunger relief to the financially struggling residents of Shibpur. We are also actively engaged in providing food relief when natural disasters such as floods and draught affect the Nadia district.

Our society is wholeheartedly engaged in the continuous programme to eradicate the POSTA/OPIUM/GANJA cultivation throughout the whole Nadia district. We have introduced special programme for meetings, seminars, awareness programmes in different villages in Nadia District.

Every year we observe all the religious and National holidays with the local villagers with the aim of familiarizing them with the history of great men such as Gandhi and those associated with Indian independence. This has increased the religious unity in our area. We are begining to realize our vision of villagers identifying themselves as Indian as opposed by religious ethinicity.

Our organization has arranged for yearly distribution of seeds, fertilizers and agricultural equipments to atleast 55 Cultivators/Farmers/Agriculturists in our local area. for the development of agriculture in our district as a whole.

Our main motto is to live by and encourage people to adopt the teachings of the great saint Shirdi Sai Baba and live their life on the principles of Faith (Shraddha) and Patience (Saburi). Sai Baba has said, “One God governs all ” and our mission is to expand the sense of humanity, to nourish the appetite for the devotion in people irrespective of caste and creed. We have completed and inaugurated in March 2010 the Shirdi Sai Mandir which holds a marble statue of Sai baba. The statue in the Shibpur temple is similar to the one at Shirdi in its dimensions and features. The Dhooni room was inaugurated in October 2010 and is currently used to offer prayers to Baba.

We also distribute books on Shri Shirdi Sai Baba (Bengali), Lockets, Bracelets, Finger ring & Hindi Sai Bhajan CD and yearly Calendar ( 5000 Nos.) freely to the visitors, devotees and well wishers.


A Plot of land under Shibpur Mouza measuring 16-1/2 decimals by the side of Shibpur main road donated and or gifted by Dwipen Ghosh one of the well wishers of Nadia Shibpur Sai Sadguru Samity for starting a Computer Institute for the poor distressed students belonging to SC/ST/Minority/OBC community of this locality as a whole for the entire development of this area which shall be started shortly.

We are ever grateful for the timely help and assistance provided by (i) Shirdi Sai Trust, Chennai, its Founder & Managing Trustee Mr. K. V. Ramani and other trustees (ii) Sri Suresh C. Panda I.A.S., Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, (iii) Mr. Anand Joshi, Mumbai  (iv) Sudha Ji, Hyderabad (v) Manisha Bits Temple Information Blog and many other well wishers of our society.

Amit Kumar Biswas - Chairman
Probhat Joardar - Secretary