"!! Om Shri Sai Ram !!"  

Sai Baba’s Assurances to Amit Biswas for Constructing a Temple at Shibpur:

  1. I order you to construct my temple and offer me puja every day.

  2. I shall call here only those whom I consider to be true Devotees of mine, rather than those who look upon me as God.

  3. Undoubtedly I shall carry all the burdens of those who come here to surrender the same to me.

  4. This Neem tree planted by Me shall provide immense peace and bliss to even the most distressed and dejected person who come here.

  5. Whoever stands near this Neem tree will feel my presence and the tree will remove all his sins.

  6. None other than my real devotees will be able to donate for the construction of this temple.

  7. Whoever responds to my call by visiting this Temple shall have all his wishes fulfilled.

  8. Anybody who offers worship to me here on his birthday will get rid of all planetary obstacles.

  9. For the construction of this temple, I will be present to perform my work. The temple construction work should not stop. The required financial help will be provided to you even from abroad.

  10. I am still bound to fulfill my words, given to Ramdas, as a boon granted a century ago.

  11. After 11 years from this day, I shall arrive here from far away to take shelter at the altar of the Temple constructed by you.

  12. I shall appear before you all in the form of a snake at the eastern side of the newly constructed temple.

  13. When a great number miracles take place repeatedly it will be time to perform pran pratishtha and abhishekam and open the gates of my Temple for my devotees.

  14. Whoever will preach the essence of my preaching’s, shall be drowned in the Ocean of my blessings.

  15. I shall save the life of that devotee in danger, who donates even a fistful of sand to me at Shibpur.

  16. My blessings will remain with you always, if you keep firm faith in my words.