"!! Om Shri Sai Ram !!"  



Sairam everyone, 


we would like to share few more stories from Shibpur which were seen in past few months. As you know, many devotees have been offering their prayers, special pooja and have been receiving Baba's vibhuti which helped many of them to relieve their pains and sufferings and fulfill all their desires. Here are few incidents that we wanted to share with you. 

1.It was noted that there were nearly 86 couples who were desperately praying for a child and were eventually    Blessed by Baba. Few couples were blessed with a Baby even after being childless for 9 years (USA) and 18 years    (Chennai) respectively. 

2. Nearly 16 people from many parts of the world were gifted with a Job with Baba's grace. 

3. Almost 63 couples were blessed by Baba to get married. 

4. As many as 192 cases for health issues and nearly 72 familes were relieved from having family issues.

5.This included a person from Orrisa, who was suffering with Paralysis for many years. But, after having Baba's    vibhuti from Shibpur and his devotion finally cured him totally and now he is fully fit. 

6. Another person from Bihar had a severe breathing problem, his doctor had even made a final statement that he    would lose his life in next few months. But, with baba's grace and Udi (Udi mixed with water for 3 months      continuously) he was totally cured and is now fully fit.

7. A 50 year old devotee from Krishnanagar was suffering due to a Celebral attack from many years But, after having     Baba's Udi and offering prayers at the temple, he is totally cured now

8. Few MLA from Karnataka had offered pooja at the temple during the Karnataka Assembly elections and all of them     had won!

9. Another TV artist from Southern Kolkata had offered prayers and Pooja at the temple as his Career was declining.     But, by Baba's grace he is performing well now and very happy.

    We thank you for all your support so far. 

Miracles from Shibpur temple (Nov - Dec 2011)

1. A married couple from Kanpur was childless for last 17years. But, after offering pooja at Shibpur and taking Udi     from Shibpur, recently they were blessed with a Baby Boy!

2, It was reported that 2 ladies from chennai were childless even after 14 and 15years of their marriage. But with     Baba's udi and pooja, they recently gave birth to a child.

3. Another similar issue was reported from a person from Hyderabad, AP. Even after 7-8 years of married and still     remained childless, had family issues, or issues with husband. But by Baba's grace he was blessed with a baby.

4. Total 16 people from USA, Australia, Kolkata, Delhi got jobs recently after praying to Baba here.

5. 15 cases of health related issues were solved recently by Baba's grace.

6. Interestingly many (11) couples who had issues with their Love marriage, their issues were resolved by Baba's     grace.

7. There were 2 persons from AP, who were suffering with Brain Tumor. But, with Baba's grace, their health issues     were also solved completely.

8. Nearly 45 families were blessed with Baba's grace to solve their family problems and issues!

9. Not only humans but also almost 150 Animals having various health issues or disorders were cured by giving them     Baba's bath water.

10. As many as 16 people were promoted to higher level in their respective jobs in past 2 months.

Recent Miracle from Sai Devotee -

I am a Sai devotee from USA. I read about Shibpur temple and miracles of Baba at Shibpur temple through Hetalji's blog.I saved picture of Baba at Shibpur temple on to my computer. After reading one experience of a devotee at Shibpur temple on Hetalji's blog, I prayed to Baba that Baba if I get job by your grace I'll donate some money to Shibpur temple. Baba fulfilled my wish it is a great miracle in my life.I got a very good jobby Baba grace. It is not because of my talent it is completely by Baba grace.I love you Baba. He is so kind to his devotees.I do not know how to express my gratitude to him. All I can do is surrender myself completely to Baba and pray for Sharanagathi at his feet.

1.Few days back a 5 year old boy from Shibpur came to Shibpur temple. He was looking for the priest of the temple to express his will of learning computers. He narrated the conversation like this - " I met an old man this morning at a nearby river near the shibpur temple. He asked me if i was wishing to learn computers. I said yes and then He said me to go to the shibpur temple and tell this to the people in the temple and they will help you out." So promptly this boy came to the temple and enquired the same with the priest and Amitji. Amitji was very happy to learn this (The old man would not be any other person than Sai Baba Himself as, the description of that man given by that boy was exactly matching with Baba's looks!) but at the same time was sad and dejected as there was no school that would teach computer education to the village people. Only institute they had was almost 25kms away and that boy being so young cannot travel that distance. So now the temple authorities are working on plans to build a computer institute nearby shibpur so that all villagers and their children can learn the technology. In this regards donations are accepted to build this school. Also if any devotee can spread a word about this to any donor trusts, who usually fund the education on computers, then that would be a great help.

2.Another miracle happened was that, One day a devotee's sister had wished for Shibpur Baba's udi for herself. When her brother came to know about this he said that it was late night 9pm and there would be no one at the temple to help us get the Udi. He said that the next morning we would go and get the Udi from the temple. Next morning also the lady's brother devotee had gone to the temple around 4.15am and he did not see anyone there. But, he saw one old man coming towards him and gave him 2 packets of Udi and said that i am worker at this temple and i have this udi packet for you. Please go and give this to your sister. Then later this devotee spoke to Amitji of what all had happened and asked how they knew that his sister was in need of the Udi. They said they don’t know anything and who that old man was who gave him the packet. It goes with out saying that it was no other than Baba himself at Shibpur.

3.Another BIG and beautiful miracle - There is a young girl who lives in a small city between Kolkata and Shibpur. She had come across the Shibpur's website recently and was willing to talk to Amitji and said that she has to talk to him something very secretive. She was very much eager to meet Amitji and spoke to him once and started for the temple. She left for the temple but forgot Amitji's phone number and also her cell phone had no talk time charge on it to make
calls. It just had Rs.2/- in it, So she could not inform Amitji that she is coming to the temple by taking a trekker from Behthurdari to Shibpur. Then when she came in the temple she saw no one there as this was the afternoon time and all the villagers will be in the fields for work. So she thought of taking some rest by playing carroms with some local guys there. But then she saw Amitji sitting at Shibpur Baba’s temple steps and told him everything..All the secrets that she needed to talk about. Then Amitji gave her Udi packets as well and also had offered flowers to the Shibpur Baba there. Then she happily came back from the temple. Later she called Amitji the same night and asked Amitji not to tell anyone the secrets that she has shared with him. Wonder of Wonders was that Amitji was shocked at this as he was in Krishnanagar the whole day and had not gone to Shibpur that day. !!! That Was Baba himself that she talked to and who was in disguise of Amitji there.!!!

It is now so evident that Baba resides in Shibpur and is everywhere.

4.Once a person from Bangalore called Amitji and expressed his desire to donate some amount on the name of his ancestors for the temple to buy a land for the temple in Shibpur. He donated almost Rs.25,000/-. Then few days back Amitji again got a call from him saying that all his issues and troubles are now solved. That man got a dream of baba and it seems that baba told him that "Whoever donates anything on the name of his ancestors, I will be very happy upon him and shower My grace abundantly on him". So then, this person's son got a decent Job, this guy got promoted in his Job, His wife's health condition improved a lot who was very ill, her daugther is now pregnant and also his brother's daughter got a US visa. So is the blessing of baba on him.

5.This miracle or Love of Baba i would say was recorded on the GuruPurnima Day of 2011 and this goes like this. On the GuruPurnima Day, Shibpur temple conducts Annadaan in great quantity and thousands of devotees come there to take the prasaad. This time it so happened that because of continuous rains in Shibpur, it was difficult for the chefs to prepare so much food (which was being prepared at different houses) as there was not much utensils as well. Usually during this kind of special Annadaan occasions, the temple authorities cook atleast 30 big vessels of Khichdi (flavoured rice made of moong daal) and is fed to thousands of people. But this time it was feasible to make only 6 vessels of rice. The preist, Amitji along with other concerned members of the temple were feeling very ashamed of this and so the priest was thinking to himself and praying to baba that this is a very shameful act on our part Baba as people have come to take your prasad and there is only a little quantity this day. Saying so they started distributing the prasad. Surprisingly, the distribution went of for hours on that day, from 12.00pm to 11.00pm and everyone was shocked to see this leela of Baba. Even when all the people working in the temple, the trustee members had their food, there was a little food left over. Everyone from the temple and the village was very very happy to see this Miracle and praise and love Baba for this.

6.Another Miracles quoted on this Gurupurnima 2011 goes on like this - A devotee had sent some nice dress, Pipe and Tobacco along with some dakshina to Shibpur temple in order to offer it to Baba on that day. Amitji while doing pooja took out the dress for Baba but couldn't make out from the packet if there was anything else in it and kept that packet aside (he did not notice the tobacco, pipe and dakshina in it) and offered the dress to Baba. Then at the end of the day, Baba came in dream of the preist and told him that Amit has forgotten to give me the pipe and tobacco along with the dakshina of Rs.201/-, that my devotee has sent to me. Ask and remind Amit that he has kept that packet at so and so place, take that and offer it to me tomorrow! Amitji was surprised and shocked to see that it matched the exact thing that was in the packet at the exact place mentioned by Baba and was happy to offer it to Baba later. Amitji also mentioned that Baba had always reminded him of such things as pooja etc when ever any devotee would send the pooja to shibpur and incase Amitji forgets about it. It is so wonderful to see the love of Baba for his devotees!!!

7.One Sai devotee experience in Shibpur temple: During the evening Aarti I had the desire to take a small video of the Aarti and keep it to myself. An inner voice told me to stop taking the video and concentrate on the Puja and Aarti. I did not listen and continued taking the videos. I tried to take two videos during the evening Aarti period. When the Aarti was over I tried checking how the videos have come. Lo! To my surprise there were blank screens. None of the videos were recorded. I understood that I have to take Baba’s permission to click His picture here. Next morning during the Kakad Aarti I asked Baba for his permission to take His morning Aarti video. I looked at Baba and he seemed to be smiling. Happily I took the video. It was recorded this time! I understood that nothing in this universe moves without Baba’s permission and grace. 

8.Sometimes in Sep 2009 a PWD Engineer’s wife called up the President of this temple Amit Biswas. She told him that she has a happy married life but this life seems to be vacant without a child. They are married for 10 years now without an issue. The couple had visited many doctors and have taken all the medical help required but of no use. One day while coming in a vehicle she has seen Sai Baba’s picture in a shop. She asked Amit whether she can have a darshan of Sai Baba and offer puja to HIM. Amit invited him to the temple to offer Puja to Sai Baba. When she had the darshan of Baba she cried bitterly before Baba and prayed for a child. Baba blessed him with a beautiful child 10 years after their marriage.

9.Guddu Gurung and Saina Guru are from Nepal. They are working in this village as watchman. They were childless. One by one four children died before their birth. Doctor’s said that Saina had some internal problem in ovary and she was not able to bear child. They consulted many doctors, finally went to Vellore for treatment. But still no cure. Finally they got a beautiful daughter after offering Puja to Sai Baba in Shibpur temple. 

10.One day the daughter of the priest of the temple saw that her lower portion of the face has been blackened. There were black spots on this part of the face. The priest was worried. He did not consult any doctor. Rather with full faith and devotion he smeared Baba’s Udi on her daughter’s face and prayed to Baba to remove these black spots from her daughter’s face. Miraculously after 7 days these black spots vanished on its own and the girl looked normal like before. 

11.A child was born to a couple after 14 years of their marriage after offering Puja to Sai Baba at Shibpur temple.


 One day a devotee came for Baba’s darshan. He had severe stomach pain for quite a few days. The pain was so much that it was impossible for him to sit in this temple. With great devotion he prayed to Baba and took His UDI mixed in water. Within minute the stomach pain vanished and he never felt that pain any more.

There was one Sai devotee who lives in a nearby village called Gopinathpur. He had paralysis. He could not move his limbs. He consulted many doctors, took physiotherapy courses but of no use. With great difficulty and full devotion, this devotee paid darshan to Sai Baba at Shibpur temple. On his return slowly his paralysis was gone and now he can run and walk like normal humans. 

12.A devotee named Sunil Das had a 16 days old son. Suddenly this child stopped taking any type of food and was continuously crying. This went on for 3 days with no food and continuous crying and shivering. Doctor’s medicine failed to cure this child. Finally they brought this child to Sai Baba, laid him near Baba’s seat and the priest touched the child’s head taking Baba’s name and applied Udi on his forehead. The child immediately stopped crying and was rather smiling. He drank the entire bottle of milk in front of everyone present there and started behaving normally.

An old devotee of Sai Baba named Tarit Pal had a daughter who had her face paralysed. Tarit took her daughter to many doctors but none could cure her. Finally Tarit started bringing his daughter to Sai Baba’s temple every day and applied Baba’s Udi on that portion of her face which was paralysed. Slowly her paralysis was gone and recovered completely by the grace of Baba when all medical sciences failed. 

13.There are many instances in this village where girls get married after offering Puja to Sai Baba at Shibpur temple. Balai Ghosh of Krishnanagar was in deep poverty. He did not have the money to meet the basic means. He tried to get a job but could not succeed. He was totally frustrated and decided to end his life. Suddenly he got an inner message that if he donates Rs. 500/- to Sai Baba temple in Shibpur his bad days will come to an end. This poor fellow now has nothing left with him except his bicycle. He decided to sell off this bicycle for Rs.500/-, and donate this amount to Baba as dakshina. He sold the bicycle for Rs.500/-, went to Sai Baba temple at Shibpur and kept Rs.500/-, at Sai Baba’s feet and returned home. After exactly seven days a distant relative of Balai came to meet him. Balai has never seen this relative. He offered Balai to join him in his business as partner. Balai need not invest any capital for this. This relative of Balai had business of manufacturing and repairing batteries. Business grew well. After one year Balai decided to find out how much money he could profit from this business. His banker told him that he has made a profit of Rs. 5 lakhs in one year. This is the chamatkar of Baba. Baba has turned this beggar to a rich man today. Balai offered Rs. 500/- to Baba and Baba returned him 1000 times that money to him. 

14.At least 3 to 4 devotees told me that they have seen at midnight between 2 Am – 2:30 AM that a round ball shaped object, brightly illuminated swayed between the top of the Neem tree to the top of the temple. This ball swayed 2 to 3 times and then suddenly vanished. 

15.Once during evening Aarti was going on in the temple. The President of the Shibpur Sai Baba temple Amit Biswas looked out side the temple and saw Sai Baba warning his dhoti, kurta and Kafni madly dancing to the tune of Kirtan. Sai Baba was dancing till the Kirtan was going on and then suddenly vanished. This incident was told to me by Amit Biswas himself. 

16.A lady suddenly discovered that her husband was having illicit relationship with a neighborhood girl. She never expected this thing to happen after 15 years of their marriage. The husband was not interested to stay with her any more and used to quarrel. The lady was morose and cried. She went to Sai Baba and prayed to him to return her husband back to her. If her husband comes back to her snapping all relationship with the girl then the lady promised to offer Payasam to Baba. After one month she got her husband back. He has snapped all relationship with the neighborhood girl. 

17.The temple is getting built with the donation of Sai devotees. One great Sai Baba devotee Shri K V Ramani donated huge sum during the start of the temple. One day it so happened that the ceiling work has to be done next day and Rs. 5000/- was required to be paid to the masons. If the masons do not get the money they will not work. That night not a single penny was there with the temple authorities. They were worried how to resume the temple work the next day. From where to arrange Rs.5000/-. They kept faith in Baba and went to sleep. Next day morning a person came with his family to have darshan of Baba at the Shibpur temple. He has come from Dubai and heard about this Sai Baba temple from a friend in Kolkata. He paid darshan to Baba and did Puja. Then he signed a cheque of Rs. 5001/- and gave to the temple authorities as dakshina to Baba. When Baba is there why take tensions on your head! Such is the leela of Baba.

18.Cows in the village suffering from Anthrax get cured after drinking water mixed with Baba’s udi. A cow gave birth to a calf after 6 years when udi was smeared on his head and udi mixed in water was offered to the cow.


Every year during the annual festival of Sai Baba temple at Shibpur a gentle man Samir Bhattacharjee takes the responsibility of arranging food for 10,000 people at the congregation. Last year this person was ill. He had open heart surgery and was not in a position to take this huge responsibility. The temple authorities thought of celebrating the festival in a small way this year. Somehow at the last minute the temple President Amit Biswas appealed to the devotees to contribute whatever they can for the feast. Suddenly a huge gathering of people came with rice, pulses and vegetables. They came with so much of these items that not only 10,000 people were fed but many took the food items home as prasadam. Baba is omnipotent and omnipresent. It is difficult to understand his leelas! 

19.Another miracle happened on 24th February, 2010 at about 11.00 A.M. A snake of 11 ft. long appeared at the Sai temple of Shibpur which is the eventual activity in consideration with the dream of 1999. It is very astonishingly evident that despite gathering of people in the temple the snake did not accept any disturbance while Sri Amit Kumar Biswas taking a snap very closely and the snake co-operated to take photo as human being.

20.One lady of Betai Joardar Para under Tehatta P.S. in Nadia district Smt.Tapati Mandal got married before 20 years. She and her husband both are medically incompetent for growing any child. They become hopeless and helpless which lead to mentall depression and came to Shibpur Sai Temple and after a long discussion with Sri Amit Kumar Biswas when Sri Biswas given her Sai Baba’s ‘UDHI’ which touched in the forehead of Tapati Mandal and instructed to have daily and she continued with great trust and believe and miraculously she gave birth one female child of 3 Kgs and 800 gms in January, 2010 of the blessings of Sai Baba. The baby and mother are in healthy condition which is also a miraculous activity.

21.Besides these so many other miraculous activities happened in the Sai Temple of Shibpur consistently such as, one Dharani Dhar Mandal of Shibpur was attacked with cerebral and was thrown into Coma when the relatives are waiting the doorsteps of his death but miraculously alive by touching the ‘UDHI’ of Sai Baba on the forehead and mouth within three days he is walking independently and being present himself in the Sai Temple daily. One Sri Santu Mandal a student of Class XI who was attacked with facial infection and continuing medical treatment since six months continuously but getting no remedy. He came to the Sai Temple of Shibpur and after having ‘UDHI’ of Sai Baba he has been free from such infection within seven days miraculously and so on almost every day.

22.A Sai devotee while browsing she came across Shibpur Sai temple and miracles happening there..All that day she was thinking of it at work. In the evening after she came home spoke to her husband about the Shibpur Sai Mandir. Then she prayed to baba "If her daughter gets into the college she will contribute towards the charity work which is undertaken" In 5 seconds, the phone rang, the lady from the College to which her daughter applied wanted to talk to her daughter who was taking her evening nap, her husband woke her up and told her the college person is on the phone. The lady told her daughter that she has been admitted into their college

23.A woman of 75 years namely Smt. Kamala Bala Joardar who has been suffering from acute leprosy in the third stage of her suffering and the doctor Arijit Mukherjee Nadia District Hospital returned her after completion of dosage of MDT for 12 months and the said patient only taking of Sai Baba Prasadam daily with the mixing of dust from the Sai temple consistently for 12 months and become the result after ending of 12 months the patient Smt. Kamala Bala Joardar is now miraculously cured by the blessings of Shirdi Sai Baba not only cured but also the aforesaid patient after receipt of miraculous result she began to dancing in the Sai festival and procession.

24.20 days back a boy had injury in his eye. A fiber piece was struck in boy's eye. Parents took him to hospital (it was supposed to be best eye hospital in Calcutta).They gave treatment for 15 days and no improvement in boy's condition. They said his eye is fully damaged. Boy will be not be able to see in future. His mother was very upset.She came to Shibpur temple and started crying in front of his Baba, and asked Amitji to request Baba to save the boy. Amitji prayed in front of Baba and gave Prasad, yesterday they came to temple with fruits to thank Baba, as the boy's eye is back and he is able to see

25.Sometime back,an elderly person came and bows before Amitji in early morning 4 am. Amitji was shocked, he asked why he is bowing to him, instead Amitji should bow to him as he is younger to him.. So that elder person started explaining his dream. "Amitji was wearing long kafni and dhoti, he is holding satka in right hand and kamandalu in left hand and standing in middle of the sea with Baba sitting in front of him, both are conversing and Baba kept his hand on Amitji". So the elder person said to Amitji that, Amitji is so blessed with Baba.

26.Miracles happened on Ramanavami – Shibpur (24.03.2010): Anand joshi, a great Sai devotee inaugurated Sai Baba temple Shibpur on ramanavami day. He had a blessed experience on that day. Anandji asked Amitji that you tell Baba is here, show me, I want to see him. Then Amitji told go inside the temple with candle, switch off the light and meditate on candle light.. If Baba wants then definitely he will give you darshan.. It was around 11 pm in night he went inside sat with candle and started starring at Baba, he had the vision of Khandoba, Vittal and Baba (Baba's face he described it as old as it looked like Baba just few days before samadhi) he felt great vibration there, he was in very happy state, he submerged in devotion sea of Baba..Anandji told he felt great vibration inside temple and near the Neem tree.

27.Miracles happened on Ramanavami- Shibpur (24.03.2010): A 24 year married girl from Nadia district had some infection on left side chest. It started growing. Girl’s family stopped local treatment and took her to good hospital in Calcutta. Wound infection had spread till mouth. It was diagnosed as cancer.She was give 3-4 bottles of blood every week and doctor said, She will not survive.It has reached nth stage.She was bedridden. On the day of ramanavami,her husband's sister marriage was arranged in Shibpur. She got a call that her sister in law will die.So came soon to see her.She came to Shibpur Sai Baba temple and asked Amitji for prasad so she can put on her sister in law's mouth.She was crying badly. Amitji prayed to baba and gave her prasad. She came to her sister in law's place who was about to leave this world and put the prasad in her mouth. Patient after some time got up from bed. She said she is feeing much better and why she didn't get prasad earlier. At 8 pm they called Amitji and informed this.Everyone was happy as Baba gave a jeevan to her. Such wonderful gift Baba gave. Now after 1 week of ramanavami. they informed Amitji that her wounds are getting healed. She is much better. Even doctors are shocked. It is due to our Baba who is above all?

28.On ramanavami night for 2-3 villagers in Shibpur, Baba came in dream and said them to dig the ground left side near the gate and said "ghar ghar mein Udhi hai (every house has Udhi)".. People started digging the ground as per instruction of Baba, and could find Udhi. This has happened to each and every house in Shibpur and one nearby village called Chaderghat(More than 5000 houses), see how divine leela Baba has performed.

A person "Mr. Mohammed Rashid" had a problem of spinal chord and was bed ridden. He stays 7 kms from Shibpur temple. He had taken treatment but doctors were very negative and said he cannot become normal. This disappointed Rashid ji lot. So he started praying Baba. One day he sent one person on his behalf to Shibpur temple to pray to Baba and to get Udhi. He also asked to pray to Baba that if he becomes normal he will definitely visit SaiBaba to pay thanks. Person sent by Rashid ji came to Shibpur temple prayed for Rashid ji and took Udhi and went. After few days of taking Udhi Rashid ji's condition started improving and he became normal. As per his promise Rashid ji immediately came to temple with 10 nariyals (coconut)   by bike .He reached temple and thanked Baba.

29.An abnormal person was admitted to hospital and was given treatment. But no improvement was seen in his condition. One day he was give Shibpur Baba's bathed Holy water to drink. Day by day his condition started to improve and he is normal now by grace of our Lord.

30.Near Shibpur an agricultural land was infected by insects. Land owner used lot of strong fertilizers but in vain. He once used strong fertilizer 3:1 instead of 1:1 then also he could not get rid of insects. Then he thought of SaiBaba and went to Shibpur SaiBaba temple to get Baba's bathed Holy water. He got the Holy water and sprinkled all over his land. Miracle happened that the infected land became cultivable land, insects were gone.

A person from Mumbai was jobless from 7 months. He read about Shibpur SaiBaba. So he downloaded Baba's photo and gave it for prints. He kept the photo in his house and started worshipping. In short time Baba fulfilled his wish and he got good job with very good package.

31.A Sai devotee from Hyderabad had financial problem and also problem in his married life (his wife had left him). He took prints of Shibpur Baba photos and sent some amount for pooja in Shibpur on his behalf. He started doing Baba's pooja everyday at home, then things began to change. His financial condition started improving and wife who had left him 6 months back came back to him.

32.Few months back in one villager's house in Shibpur a cow had got some infection.She was pregnant that time and one day blood started flowing from its nose. Cow's owner was tensed, so he prayed to Baba to help and save the cow and he will offer the cow's calf to Baba temple. Then immediately blood stopped,the cow gave birth to a healthy calf after few days. During Sai festival as per his promise he gave the calf to temple.

33.A very old lady named Gayatri Mazumdhar aged 80 years lives in Shibpur. she was admitted to hospital and after scanning doctors confirmed that her both kidneys are damaged badly. Old lady's grandson supposed to come to Baba's temple to offer puja.. But when he listened about his grand mother, he became upset. But he decided that only Baba can help her here in this situation. He put the Udhi tika on her forehead and mixed Udhi in water and asked her to drink Udi water. Then he came to temple to offer puja. Now that lady does all her work. She is at home. She is fit. But doctors are shocked that how she can move as both her kidneys are damaged, the person with such condition supposed to be bedridden but here its great chamatkar due to Baba's miracle. The “Dr Viswas of the Nadia District hospital who looked after that lady was really amazed by Baba's leela".

34.A beautiful experience with Shibpur Baba - I had Order for silver mala(with silver Bilwa leaves and Rudraksh) for Baba. I wanted to Offer to Baba on Ramanavami day (as its his Birthday also)in the temple near my home. I got the mala and offered to Baba on Ramanavami day.since they were performing abhishek for Baba they told they will put the mala later. So that day evening I went to temple again in excitement that baba will be wearing the mala. But they had decorated his feet with this mala.Then I got to know that mala is small for the Idol and I felt sad but immediately I decided that I will get big one for baba and asked the measurements.I was supposed to return the mala and get big one instead. Then I thought I will send it to Shibpur Baba but I was very much worried that it should not be short here also.Then thought in my mind if Baba wants to wear he will definately wear, it's not the matter of size. Here he just expects only love from us,so i sent it to shibpur. And now Baba is wearing it and Amit ji told me it will be put on Baba forever.

Recently Baba again showed that he responds to everyone's call if it’s done in faith and devotion.
Baba blessed a woman with baby boy,for whom the doctor has said it's impossible to have child.

35.story is as follows-
Baby's  mother during her childhood has got some infection which was so critical that doctor had said to her after marriage if she wants to have child it's impossible. Her husband fought with his family to get married to her and they faced very horrible situation and her in laws were very unhappy with marriage and warned her they will remove her from their house. Her mother in law heard about Shibpur temple came and prayed to Baba to bless his son and daughter in law. Soon after the couple was blessed with baby boy. But newborn developed jaundice and now again doctor left hope and finally last week family came to shibpur Baba temple and placed the boy near Baba's feet and the boy who was crying restlessly stopped its cry and sleept there peacefully for some time. Later he was made to drink Baba's Udhi water and the boy's grandfather prayed to Baba "You have gifted this child if you want to bless then save this child; else it’s your wish". They offered pooja and came back and slowly boy's condition started improving and now doctors confirmed he is out of danger and there is no trace of jaundice.

36.This beautiful leela happened on 09.06.2010: A Sai devotee name Payal who resides in Calcutta had come to Shibpur. She had wished to offer Baba fruits named jarful(as called in bengali).She left her place at 8.30 in morning and while traveling she forget to buy the fruits. On the way when they had stopped the car suddenly a person came and gave her Jamul fruits and asked her to offer it to Baba and went off. She was shocked by this incident. She reached temple in the afternoon and happily offered fruits to Baba.This Incident is similar to theincident mentioned in Chapter 28 of Sai Satcharitra (experience of Lala Lakhamichand Lala. Lakhamichand when started for shirdi for the first time with his friend Shankarrao, they reached Kopergaon he wanted to buy some good guavas for offering to Baba, but he was so much enrapt with the scenery and sights there, that he forgot to purchase them. When they were nearing Shirdi, he was reminded of the guavas; just then he saw an old woman with a guava-basket on her head, running after the tanga. The tanga was stopped and he gladly purchased some select fruits, when the woman said – “Take all the rest and offer them on my behalf to Baba”. The facts viz. that he had intended to purchase guavas, but that he had forgotten to do so, the old woman’s encounter and her devotion to Baba, all these were a surprise to both the friends and Lakhamichand thought in his mind, that the old woman might be some relation of the old man he saw in his dream(SaiBaba).

37.Sometime in June 2010 a wonderful miracle happened in Shibpur - Amit ji around 1 pm in mid night was sitting outside the Baba temple. Temple was closed no one was there. He was alone sitting and talking to Baba. Suddenly he heard hissing sound .He turned around and was very scared to see king cobra. He noticed that it is coming towards him. He became very tensed as there was no way for him to escape (narrow place where he can go back from that side only snake was coming towards him) and it was hitting its head to ground (appearing that it is very angry).He prayed to Baba to save him. Snake came towards him and sat next to him and was appearing calm. After seeing this he felt that it will not harm him and he slowly moved from that place and went into his house and got camera. When he came back he noticed that snake climbed the steps and tried going inside the temple but temple was closed, hence It came down went to Neem tree.There it climbed the steps and went near Baba's feet and Udhi was coming out of its mouth. Amit ji felt that it is not just normal snake it is GOD, he bow down to do pranam and then he saw the snake had climbed Baba's murty (Beautiful pic I have attached the same) and sitting around his next(Sai Shiva). After few minutes it came down and went away.


Amit ji went back to home and was thinking of this incident and slept.. He got dream of same snake that night. Snake appeared before him and said it is Seshnag. It has come here for Vishnu (SaiBaba).It will be here till Baba will be here in Nirguna Swaroopa in this place. It will never harm people who are near to God and it will give its darshan to real devotees of Baba saying this it disappeared. It is really a wonderful leela happened in Shibpur.

38.A person Dilip Biswas of Palashipara village near Shibpur was in Government service. 15 yrs ago he lost his mother. This made him to go in to depression and he became mentally disturbed. Two years ago his daughter got married and settled in Shibpur village. She heard lot of Baba's miracles and she came to Sai Baba's temple 3 months back. She prayed to Baba to recover his father and she took vibhuthi prasad to home. She applied vibhuthi to her father and also gave Udhi water to him daily. Now her father is normal by Baba's grace. One month back both (father and daughter) came to temple and offered pooja at Baba's feet. 

39.A villager named Arun chatarjee near Shibpur had son in 1999. After two years parents found that boy is dumb. He will not be able to speak. Boy's father took him to so many specialist, he even took his son to chennai to show his boy to famous doctor there, but all in vain and doctors confirmed that he will not be able to speak in rest of his life. Few days back he heard about Shibpur SaiBaba. He came to this temple,offered pooja to Baba and went back with Udhi prasad. He started giving Udhi to him daily. Now his son started speaking little, doctor has said now that in another  6 months the boy will be normal and will be able to speak like others.

40.In 1999, Baba had appeared to Amit Biswas in a dream and ordered him to build a temple in Shibpur. In that dream Baba also promised Amit Biswas that in the next 11 years Baba would perform over 1000 miracles through the Shibpur Temple. Today, Dec 15th 2010, the 1000th miracle took place.  For the last 11 years Amitji has been making note of all the miracles in his diary. The following is the breakup of miracles that took place:

  245 cases of sickness were healed. Some illnesses cured were cancer, paralysis, hysteria, leprosy, psychiatric     disorders etc.

-   363 prayers for children were answered at the Shibpur temple.

-   113 miracles were recorded in which Baba provided timely help to resolve business issues

-   87 cases of miracles are noted where baba has provided assistance to devotees in securing a job, getting a     promotion and other service related pleas.

-   78 marriage related issues were solved by Baba for his devotees who prayed at the Shibpur temple.

-   114 requests of solving family issues and disputes were granted by Baba at the Shibpur temple.

Baba has revealed many more things to Amit Biswas which will be told to us devotees when the time is right. Please feel free to send your prayers and contributions to the Shibpur SaiBaba temple.

41.As narrated by a Sai devotee- Two days ago, my brother-in-law had a mild heart stroke. Just before night, SAI came in my wife's dream and shown how he saved her brother from a giant MONSTER. Next day morning we received the shocking news. He is still in trouble. Angiogram has to be done. We are sure that the SHIBPUR BABA'S UDHI will make the Angiogram gram results in his (Brother-in-law) favour.

42.A female devotee from Madhya Pradesh, India had been going through a lot of trouble in having a child. She suffered a miscarriage approximately 16 times. Worried that she may never carry a full-term child she looked for divine intervention. She heard about the Shibpur temple and called Amitji to pray to Baba on her behalf. Amitji consoled the lady saying that she has sought refuge in Baba and sent her Udi from the Shibpur temple. A year later the lady was blessed with a son. She remains ever thankful to Baba for the wonderful gift.

43. A Delhi based businessman had bought a property and after that he got into trouble regarding the property. He then sent the Shibpur Temple a donation and told Baba if his issue got resolved, he would visit Baba at the Shibpur temple. In a few weeks after this, by Baba’s grace, the issues and disputes on the property got resolved and the gentleman has planned to visit the temple in April 2011.

44.A couple from Chennai has been issueless for nearly 12 years. Both being doctors, have tried every possible treatment available to enhance the chances of having a baby. There was no hope for them. While surfing the internet, the lady stumbled upon a site that outlined the numerous miracles by SaiBaba through the Shibpur temple. At once she resolved to send with love the gold chain she wore around her neck to Baba in Shibpur and pray for a child. She invoked Baba’s grace through Amitji and is now 7 months pregnant. By Baba’s grace we soon hope to hear of her successful delivery.

45.A USA based devotee was diagnosed with Diabetes. Tired with the constant trouble caused by the disease, the devotee consulted many doctors in the US for relief but to no avail. Then the devotee requested Amitji to pray to Baba for relief. Amitji sent him some UDI from the Shibpur temple along with some Neem leaves from the tree believed to have been planted by Baba at Shibpur. After taking these the devotee now does not suffer from the illness anymore. He is ever grateful to Baba for his love and cure.

46.Families of two young girls from the village of Shibpur were trying hard to get them married. Given the financial demands of prospective grooms the girls were not able to get a suitable match. One day they approached the Shibpur Temple priest and poured their heart out to him and requested, he intercede to Baba for them. The priest prayed to Baba and told the girls that merciful Sai will get them married in three month's time. By Baba’s grace the girls had gotten married in good families in the stipulated time.

47.There were two childhood friends who loved each other dearly. After growing up the girl got a job in a local university in Kolkata and the boy left to work in another country. After some time a misunderstanding arose and the two broke their relationship. The girl depressed agreed to marry a boy of her parent's choice. A few days after her wedding the misunderstanding were suddenly cleared. The girl felt guilty for the losing the love of her life for something so trivial. She was depressed and called Amitji for help. Amitji disapproved of her request but told her she is free to visit Baba at Shibpur and put her grievance before him and that Baba alone is the one who can best decide for her. The girl and her mother visited Shibpur and the girl prayed to Baba from the bottom of her heart and pleaded to Baba to solve her dilemma.  Later events unfolded such that her husband requested a divorce from her in a months’ time. The girl divorced him and later got married to her child hood sweetheart. The two are very happy and thankful to Baba for taking care of them.

48.Currently the Shibpur Samity is reconstructing the 100 year old temple of SaiBaba. For the flooring purposes Amitji had planned to have a white marble floor with a green border. There are workers that are staying in the premises to help build the temple. One night Baba appeared to a worker in his dream and instructed him that he would like the border of the temple floor to be pink instead of green. The worker was not a Baba devotee. He just was working for his daily survival. Extremely scared about not being believed, the worker approached Amitji and told him about his dream. Amitji immediately thanked him and has now decided to change plans and lay a pink border on the flooring. Is it not marvelous that Baba is ensuring his will, is known on different aspects of building this temple?

49.A lady devotee of Baba from Siliguri, India had called Amitji to pray on her behalf to Baba. It had been 12 years since she was trying for a child. She had sent numerous donations and offered pooja to Baba at Shibpur through Amitji. After a year, the lady got pregnant and now she is blessed with a Baby.

50.A woman from Lucknow, India had read about the Shibpur temple online. She had called Amitji to relate her biggest problem – not being able to conceive even after 14 years. Amitji assured her he would try and seek Baba’s grace for her. He advised her to have faith in Baba’s feet as no one goes empty handed from the fakir’s doorstep. The lady is now in her 4th month of pregnancy and we pray that Baba helps her deliver a lovely child.

A girl whose parents reside at Shibpur was married and blessed with a child. The 6 month's old baby contracted typhoid and doctor's said that there was not much they could do given that the child was so small and the disease was in its worst stage. The grandmother of the Baby came to the Shibpur temple on a Thursday and invoked Baba’s grace from the bottom of her heart. She took UDI from the temple and applied it to the child. The mother is bringing her healthy and healed child to Shibpur Temple to place it at Baba’s feet in the last week of March 2011.

A Canada based gentleman suffered from sudden mental instability and was not responding to his family or duties of a husband. He experienced a lot of weakness and was not able to do the daily activities that normal people do. He was suffering. His wife read about the Shibpur temple and contacted Amitji to pray for her husband. By Baba’s grace her husband is now responding and slowly coming back to his normal self.

A Chennai based business man was suffering a lot due to some major business issue. He felt very disheartened and then called Amitji saying he would like to donate some amount to Baba. He donated Rs. 50,000 from his last savings and never called back for a year. Recently, he called Amitji to tell him that the big business issue plaguing him is solved and he is slowly getting back on his feet.

51.As narrated by Amitji- Their lives on the outskirts of Shibpur a well-to-do Muslim gentlemen. He was residing in Shibpur for a while but in the past three to four years he noticed a great number of people coming to Shibpur by car or bus. He began to wonder what could possibly be in Shibpur that so many outsiders made their way there.  This gentleman had been diagnosed with a heart ailment and his physical strength coupled with his age did not make surgery a fruitful option. He went to Delhi and another metro to seek second opinion from other reputed doctors. With no hope left, he decided to go to Haj. Upon completion of Haj he went to his son’s home in Mumbai. There he saw the picture of Shibpur SaiBaba and got to know from his son about how the temple came about. One night as he lay looking at the picture, he began to see a yellow light glowing from Baba’s heart. This continued for the next few nights. Then he suddenly had to be admitted to a hospital in Mumbai and underwent another surgery, not heart related. Upon checking with the doctor the doctor said his heart ailment no longer was an issue. The doctor could not find any traces of the disease. The man returned to Shibpur and for the first time entered the temple and prayed to Baba giving him Thanks!  

52.Miracle by another Sai devotee – We had applied for a loan in India at the biggest nationalized bank. After three months of running back and forth we finally completed the file. The bank man actually told us wrongly that he will take care of the rest of the application and we believed him. For more than two months after we gave him papers he did not submit. Finally without any reason he returned it back to us and did not even put the bank stamp on document saying he returned the papers. We were shocked and since that loan had to be given to some one else we were stuck. Where are we to pay out of our small pockets for an investment?

Then, since last Thursday every day me and my husband (who is not a devotee) were applying Shibpur Sai Baba's UDI and praying. Within four days (that is today Monday) we got news that another Bank we applied to, had finally sanctioned the loan. Just in time we got the money and Baba saved us. Otherwise it would be a huge loss for my family since we had invested our time and effort into this.

53.I would like to share some experience of Shibpur Sai Mandir. I came to know about this place Shibpur Sai Mandir thru web site. Also I realized the meaning of Shraddha and saburi. It’s my wish that I will offer some puja on my birthday which is on 4th of June. But from January I tried myself to visit this temple but could not do so due to various reason once it happened in march that everything was final but it cancelled on the very last moment to visit there. But atlast yesterday Baba called me and I went there for Baba's darshan with my father.But this is the appropriate time to visit there, because if i visited there before then it will be too early for my birthday, and also from next week my exams will start and it's not possible for me to go there after this time. There baba fullfilled my each and every very small wishe's..This journey became one of my most memorable one because, i had visited lot's of different mandirs.but didn't get so much attention and caring behaviour what i got from the temple commitee. The people are so good in there behaviour, so caring and loving that i feel realy very fortunate for it and also I wished to visit next time with my family and friends.

54.As narrated by another Sai Devotee - I would like to share more of my experience in Shibpur Sai Mandir. Here is one of them. I stay in Kolkata. Three to four months back it happened that I went to one of the kali temple and bought one beautiful garland for kali maa and my wished that kali maa will wear it. So I gave my garland to one of the temple priest and request him very politely to put this garland to kali maa’s neck in front of me. He asked for dakshina, but I gave him small amount. But the priest told me slowly to increase the amount. I didn’t do so because of I didn’t carry  my purse that day. I only took some money for that temple left my purse in my scooter and that time its not possible for me to go back and bring some more money. Then again I requested him to please wear it on kali maa's neck, then the priest became furious and insulted me in front of everyone and said that he can’t do so for the dakshina he gave him. And no body was there to protest, so i came home and cried a lot thinking what my fault was??? I just told him to wear it on kali maa's neck and the garland was beautiful, then why did he do so because of dakshina??? From that day I don’t like any priests. And also I had seen lots of Mandir that priests are very much interested about there dakshina instead of performing puja. But here in Shibpur Sai Mandir my experience with the preist shocked me.The way the priests communicated with us was so good. He behaved like that we are his relatives or some thing like that. When I paid dakshina to him, he took me near to Baba and told me that i touch that money on Baba's feet. I did the same what he told me. And told me that i put that money to dakshina box. I was totally shocked that dakshina is his right to take but he didn’t take, instead he behaved so good with caring attitude which I didn’t experienced anywhere.

55.Cancer patient gets cured up by the Divine Grace of Shri Sainath at Shibpur -
The fact that, "The point, where the Material Science ends turns out to be the starting point of the Spiritual science" has been proved once again by an outstanding Miracle of Lord Shri Sainath at the Shibpur Sai Temple.

Smt Latika Ghosh of Nadia had developed an infection near her breast which was unfortunately not diagnosed properly by the local doctors & was mistreated. Days passed, bringing no improvement to her health, rather her condition became worse. She was then suffering from various other critical complications. Finally when it was detected to be cancer, she was admitted to Nilratan Sarkar Medical College Hospital. As she had developed severe anemia by that time, the doctors decided to start Blood Transfusion immediately, as they were suspecting that she was suffering from leukemia. But with no hope of life, eventually she was released from the hospital, after some days, as they were not financially strong enough to afford the daily hospital charges.

Latika’s sister in law got married at Shibpur village. She came to the temple for Baba’s darshan on the day of Ram Navami (24th March2010), while the ceremony of Baba’s Pransthapana was carried on. Suddenly she got a call in her mobile from the home asking her to reach home as early as possible as Latika was going to breath her last shortly. She was shocked to hear this & cried fervently in front of Baba & requested the members of the temple committee for some Prasad & Udi for Latika, so that she could leave her mortal body peacefully by Baba’s Grace. Taking the Prasad & Udi, she rushed to her house & found Latika fully unconscious, slowly arriving to the final moment of her life. She put some Prasad in her mouth & Udi on her forehead in no time. 

The Miracle which happened next, really made all the people present there completely spellbound!! Latika got up suddenly & sat on the bed regaining her full consciousness & clearly asked in a steady manner, "Why don’t you have brought this Prasad & Udi for me before?" Her relatives could not believe their eyes for what they have seen just now!! Latika’s sister in law rushed to the Temple in no time & wept before Baba. But this time her tears were scented with Baba’s Bliss & were manifestation of her Love & Devotion for Baba…THE SUPREME DOER…!!! Now Latika is completely cured up & has joined to her normal life as before.

56.A lady was married in the village of Shibpur from a neighboring village. Her brother got into a quarrel and drank poison. He was taken to the hospital and doctors tried to revive him, but to no avail. Then the doctors pronounced him dead. The lady was sad and called Amitji who placed the phone at Baba's feet and she pleaded with Baba for his life saying that he has done a big mistake and to save him. She promised to bring her brother to baba in Shibpur if he spared his life. This Tuesday both brother and sister came to visit Baba and offer their Thanks!

57.A miracle by a Sai devotee- Wanted to share a big miracle with all of you. My little Sai was diagnosed with myopia (of -1.5) at the age of 3.5 months. Needless to say, I was devastated. I fervently prayed to Baba to bless my little one with healthy eye sight. I started applying Udi on both of his eyes, rinsing his eyes with Baba's Abhishekam Theertha. My mom has unwavering faith in Baba and I know its her devotion towards Baba that resulted in this great miracle. Today, the eye doctor confirmed that my little one is not nearsighted. He may become nearsighted in the future.  I'll just keep praying....

I used to send prayers to Shirdi and also talked to Amit ji in Shibpur to pray for my son. All those prayers are answered. Right now, we have one more very serious eye problem for my little one, which I’m sure Sai will take care of.

Update: The doctor ruled out the serious eye problem which is glaucoma. The doctor thought my son could be a glaucoma suspect because of his big eyes which he inherited from me. I’m a glaucoma suspect too and was very scared to hear this.  Today the doctor confirmed that he is not a glaucoma suspect and his visual acuity is excellent, a lot better than most kids of his age. Such a relief. Thanks Baba! I talked to Amit ji yesterday also and he assured me that my 15 month old son would be fine. His words came true. Amit ji and my mom believed in Baba more than me.

Update; Yesterday, we took our little son for a follow up appointment; the eye doctor said she has no concerns what a great news from Baba! We still continued to apply UDI and Baba’s abhishekam theertha to my son’s eyes and will continue to do that. UDI is the best medicine when Science has no cure.

Many many thanks Baba! Meanwhile I still continued to talk to Amitji in Shibpur who assured me that my son is going to be fine.

58.Latest Miracle: I shared this miracle with a fellow devotee and did not feel like sharing this miracle with everyone until 5 mins ago, but Baba changed my mind (Everything that happens is his Leela).   Last Saturday, I saw my son's eye balls moving back and forth while spinning. I was scared and all the internet stuff was scary too talking about my stagmus. That's the only time I have seen and I've never seen before or after.I felt his eyes are moving even though they are not because of my anxiety.I prayed Baba(not honestly or intensely this time because I took him for granted and because my son is Baba's child) I took him to eye doctor(my parents did not have a good sleep yesterday night because I was scared and scared them too) and eye doctor told me his eyes are normal and what I have seen is a reflex common in young children.This is to say that Baba helps even when you have wavering faith and for he alone knows what is good for everyone. Even though we do various things(knowingly or unknowingly), he will actually change the circumstances(good or bad) for the benefit of us...

59.I first talked to Amitji in March and some time during last year, Amitji told me that there will be no eye problems for my little Sai and Baba has taken care of his eyes. Also I wanted to share another miracle with you...My son used to have projectile vomiting atleast once a day(some times 3-4 times, each one used to last about couple of mins). I sent prayer requests to Shibpur and Shirdi and I promised Baba that I'll change my son's name to Sai and we did that(Earlier Sai was his middle name).

60.DHUNI LEELA: Amitji and few other devotees have experienced this divine Dhuni leela at Shibpur. Please read below-

It seems that every night after all the people leave the temple including Amitji, it was observed by some one for past few days that the Dhuni in the Dhuni room at Shibpur temple automatically lits itself very high and huge flames come out of it. This repeats again around 2.30 or 3.00 am early morning it raises up. 

So the last Friday, Amitji with some other devotee who works in the temple wanted to see this miracle happening. So once every one left the temple, only these 2 persons were standing there watching the Dhuni and as every night even that day the Dhuni lit itself very high, so high that they had to bring some water and put it off. Even then again at 2.30am the Dhuni began to light itself. This is really a Divine leela of Baba I would call it to mark his presence at Shibpur. It has been almost 8-9 months that the Dhuni room was built and only when the time came to reveal the secret, Baba had shown this to Amitji and other devotees. 

Amitji and other devotees at the temple deeply believe that it is none other than Baba who is doing it as even when the water is spilled over to lower the Dhuni it lights itself after sometime. What a wonderful leela of Shri Sai.  

61.This incident surely marks his presence there in Shibpur. 

A resident of Shibpur who has his own house just adjacent to the Shibpur temple was observing a wired light in the temple when it was dark night around 2-3am and there was no one in the temple. He once thought that it might be a thief in the temple and observed the same thing happening the next night as well. This time he decided to go into the temple in that night hour and follow the light. As he entered the temple, he still saw the light as if someone is showing him a torch like light. He once started to follow that light and while following the light he could smell a very beautiful and sweet smell, a smell where he has not seen it in anytime of his life, it was like away from this world. This is what he narrated to Amitji. He feels that it was Baba walking around in the temple and only he could give out such nectar like fragrance. 

62.As we all know that the bamboo structured temple is now being rebuilt and the construction is going on. A few days back there was recorded sudden heavy storm and it was raining continuously for 2 hours. It was afternoon time and as all the laborers and village people usually sleep at that time. There was no one at the temple. Once the rains stopped all the laborers rushed to the temple to see the construction and they were very much dejected to see that the seat where baba's idol will be placed is totally washed out as it was newly constructed. All the villagers were kind of puzzled how can this happen when baba is here and the laborers were feeling sad as they had no more money to rebuild this thing and not sure how will the construction process go from now! Later next morning when the laborers and the village people came in to start the construction, all of them were shocked and happy to see that the construction which was damaged was now totally fixed even when other things which were damaged remained damaged. The construction was still there and was as it is! What could we infer other than baba doing this!

63.As we all know there is Kakad Aarti done to baba every morning. The Pujaari at the Shibpur temple also does that with few villagers every morning. He has this habit of collecting red hibiscus flowers every evening from few houses for Baba's Kakad Aarti. It so happened last Sunday that this Pujaari's daughter had an interview in a nearby village called Behthurdari and he had to accompany her daughter to that village and this even took his whole day. He thought he might be back in the evening to collect the flowers for next day's Kakad Aarti but, it was around 9.00pm that he reached his home on the Sunday night. He thought Ok, I can collect the flowers the next morning before the pooja is done and in that thought he slept. The next morning when he got up, he performed his usual works, had bath and went to the temple to collect the vessel in which he collects the flowers from few houses. The moment he saw that vessel he was shocked to see the same Red Hibiscus flowers in the vessel. Even though he was excited to see them he thought that those might be place by some devotee the previous day. But, upon inquiring about those flowers that had anyone brought it from their houses, none of the villagers said yes to that and it was so for sure that it was all Baba's leela! 

64.Another interesting thing happening at Shibpur temple, the place where the construction is going on was - Usually it so happens that the laborers working in the temple for the construction leave their tools here and there in the temple. It was observed from last few weeks that while this small temple construction is going on where baba would reside, some one was supervising the work there. The reason being that, every next morning the workers were puzzled to see that their tools were again placed at the correct place where they need to put it. To test this fact few laborers intentionally put their tools everywhere in the temple and the next morning they were amazed to see the tools at one and proper place. As we all would understand this, it is only Baba supervising this!!

65.A person called Subhas Chandra kamkar, who runs a cloth store in the village, is devoted to Baba. A few weeks back he had casually visited a doctor for general checkup and was shocked to see that his Sugar levels raise so high to 500 (sorry but I am not aware of the metrics here). Seeing this he was so terrified and began to think that soon he is going to die. So, he decided to do Annadaan at the Shibpur temple so that atleast he will be happy that he did a good work before laying his body. So last Thursday he came to the temple and did Annadaan will full devotion thinking that he is offering food to Baba. The next morning he consulted the doctor and was so happy to see that his sugar levels came down to 200 and now he checked that again and it is back to Normal. What a leela of baba is this! He definitely gives us the importance of Annadaan here.

66.There was another recent incident regarding the roofing of the temple. As the roofing for this small temple or House of Baba will be of steel sheets, it needs a lot of Woodwork to be done and for that case the carpenter had asked Amitji to give an initial amount of 10,000 to 15,000 Rs/- in order to get the woodwork done. But Amitji had no amount for that as there is a very less amount of donations coming in. So he had postponed the order. But the same night some lady from New Delhi called Amitji and said that she will be donating Rs.10,000/-, for the temple construction and there was no reason to ask her why. So, that amount as was online transferred to Amitji’s account was collected from the bank the next day and the woodwork for the roof is now going on. -- I remember one of the sayings or assurances that Baba has given Amitji that "you don’t have to worry about the amount for building the temple, I will make the arrangements" and so it has been so that all the interested Sai devotees have donated so much so far .. And this is all only when Baba willed. 

67.In the Month of April 2010, a 10 year old boy named Parimal Paul, son of Sri Pradip Paul resident of Shibpur was badly injured in his eyes when he fell upon bamboo fence which directly struck in his eyes while playing. He was taken to hospital .Doctors suggested for his immediate operation in some other developed Hospital .Then he was taken in to renowned Eye Hospital in Kolkota for operation, but it was not successful and Parimal lost his vision.The Boy‘s mother rushed to Shibpur Baba temple and prayed for her son’s eyesight. She also asked Amit Biswas to pray for her child to Baba. He prayed and applied Holy Udi to affected eyes of the Boy by chanting Baba’s name and instructed her to wash the eyes of her son with Holy water offered to Baba during his Madhyanya Bhoga repeatedly through out the night. She returned home and performed same as instructed by Amit ji. Next day boy woke up regaining his normal vision. His parents along with neighbors and relatives rushed to temple to thank Baba.

68.One day a devotee came for Baba’s darshan. He had severe stomach pain for quite a few days. The pain was so much that it was impossible for him to sit in this temple. With great devotion he prayed to Baba and took His UDI mixed in water. Within minute the stomach pain vanished and he never felt that pain any more

69.On the Auspicious Day of Rama Navami, this year, the New Sai Moorty sent by Ramani has been installed at the altar of the Temple. By Baba’s grace all the program went on uninterruptedly & ended successfully.

On the same night while all the villagers were in a deep slumber, Baba appeared in dream to some of them including Amit Biswas & told that “If the villagers dig out the soil from the left side of the main entrance to their respective houses, tomorrow, they will discover My Udi over there as my blessings.”The next morning when they woke up, the Divine instructions soon got circulated throughout the village like a bonfire. The villagers out of intense inquisitiveness started to dig out the soil from the marked regions as instructed by Baba in the dream. After continuous digging for sometime they got spellbound when they discovered Udi & charcoal of the Havan, performed the day before at the inauguration ceremony of the temple. This went on happening to each & every house of Shibpur & even at the adjacent villages. Some people reported that they started digging through their permanent concrete floors in a challenging mood & was astonished to discover the Havan Charcoal & Udi after same time. For authenticity the members of the Samity took snaps of that miraculous event. Strange enough that when people rushed at the Temple after this miracle they found that no Charcoal has been left within the Havan Kunda. ”Any one who has doubt believing this incident can enquire at every house of Shibpur & its adjacent Villages in order to get rid of his doubts, says Amit Biswas, the Chairman ,Shibpur Sai Sadguru Samity.

Please see few more miracles and incidents from Shibpur -

70.There was a man who from a nearby city to Kolkata. he was jobless for past 2 years and this year in Jan he came to know about Shibpur and did visit Baba a lot of times. Even in the Shibpur festival in April he was there with Amitji and pleaded him to pray for him near Baba as he was facing lot of difficulties without a job. Even his own family was starting to desert him. Bu when Amitji prayed for him near Baba, it was said that he will get a job in 3 months time and he did get a job now and is happy with his family now.

71.There is another incident that AMitji wanted to share. A lady from Aurtalia called AMitji few months back saying that her 20yr old daughter is missing from past 3years. Her mother wept continuously over the phone with AMitji and said that she doesn't know if her daughter is dead or alive. AMitji upon hearing her request, prayed to Sai and baba mentioned that she will get her daughet back in 3months time. With in 2 months her daughter went home and that lady was very very happy to see her back. But she did not find time to thank Baba nor even Amitji. And last few days back she again called Amitji saying the whole thing and mentioned to pray again for her child. !!

All the miracles listed here were in the month of August 2011:

72. There is a small village called Gabinpur near West Bengal's border where a man was suffering from a disease and was running in his village with no clothes on him ,then some of his friend or relatvive prayed for him in the Shibpur temple and he got cured in no time. This was in Aug.

73.A guy from Salt lake city,Calcutta used to send some or other donation to the Shibpur temple for construction or for any other thing. This went on for almost 14 months and now last month it was learnt that he got placed in a good Autralian comapny and will be soon flying there for his work!

74.There were recorded 5 child related cases solved, 3 child health related cases solved and 4-5 marriage related issues solved this month in Shibpur temple. These devotees either sent prayers/pooja to the temple and got their issues resolved with Baba's blessings.

75.Also, there were 2 guys, one from Mumbai and one from Pune who used to donate regularly for the temple. One of this got promotion at his workplace and other person was made permament in his company with Baba's blessings.

76. There was another guy from India (name cannot be disclosed) who is a successful businessmen man but suffering with physical problems which afected his married life and was not cured even after consulting so many doctors. After endless attempts, he read about the Shibpur temple and contacted Amitji and talked about his issue. Amitji sent him the Udi and prayed for him. Last month he called and said that he is completely cured now and he was happy with his family. He also offered Pooja for Baba in the temple before and after his cure.

Cows in the village suffering from Anthrax, gets cured after drinking water mixed with Baba’s udi. A cow gave birth to a calf after 6 years when udi was smeared on her head and udi mixed in water was offered to the cow