"!! Om Shri Sai Ram !!"  

Sairam All,


We hope everyone is doing good!

We are glad and happy to Invite everyone to Shibpur Sai Baba;s festival 2012 at Shibpur, west bengal.

Please see the schedule for the same below -

Festival runs from April 24th 2012 to April 28th 2012.


Activities on April 24th 2012, Tue:Starts with Kali Mata Pooja at evening - night time.


Activities on April. 25th. 2012, Wed:Baba's Special PoojaHomamBhagwath PaathBaba's aarti with 1001 diyaAll the 4 aarti's of Baba will be performed.


Activities on April. 26th. 2012, Thu:Biggest Annadaan (about 25000 - 50000 people)Evening - Sai Sandhya (ex. bhajans etc)All the 4 aarti's of Baba will be performed

Activities on April. 27th. 2012, Fri:AnnadaanBlood Donation CampMedical camp including Eye check-up camp. (Includes FREE distribution of medicine and Spectacles)FREE Study material distribution for poor students FREE food packet distribution for poor children Evening - Sai Sandhya (ex. bhajans etc)All the 4 aarti's of Baba will be performed

Activities on April. 28th. 2012, Sat:Shibpur Baba will be taken on rounds of the Shibpur Village and then to the river to bath him Evening - Kali mata pooja followed by Sai Sandhya and Baba's Aarti/pooja.

Festival Concludes!

Please try to take part in all the activities.

If anyone wishes to be there at the festival, please contact Amitji (91-9800500014) much ahead so that he can make arrangements for you. If anyone wishes to donate, please email us your details (shibpurtemple@gmail.com or shibpursaibaba@gmail.com or call Amitji)


Note: Nearest lodge to the temple is in Bethuadahari, 30-40mins from the temple.

For more information please visit - shibpursaibaba.org
Email: shibpursaibaba@gmail.com
Email: shibpurtemple@gmail.com
Amitji: 91-9800500014



IMPORTANT NOTICE: Devotees visiting the temple from outside Shibpur (including West Bengal) are requested to call Amitji at +919800500014 at least a WEEK IN ADVANCE to make staying and food arrangements. Shibpur is a small village and villagers are not in a position to make sudden food and stay arrangements for devotees that come down without prior intimation. For the devotees convenience, we request that you CALL & INFORM Amitji of your travel plans in advance. We welcome you all to Shibpur Temple with open hearts and want to make sure your stay and experience is memorable and comfortable. Om SAI RAM!

Update as of Nov. 15th. 2011

Sairam Devotees,
Hope everyone is doing good. As everyone knows that with all your support/help and Baba's grace, the thatched structure of Shibpur Baba's room is now fully built into a pakka construction. Amitji thanks everyone of you who made this happen.

The next venture that is going to take place with Baba's wish is to build the "Gopuram" on the top of the " Bade Baba Mandir" which is located at the main enterence of the Shibpur Temple. So, Amitji looks at this as the next very big and important thing for the temple and thereby requests for help to all the devotees to make this venture happen.

The construction is supposed to start in december and to be completed on or before April 2012 (i.e before the shibpur saibaba festival in april 2012). We kindly request all the devotees to help us out in this event. Rest is Baba's grace and wish.

Sairam to all and Take care. Thank you all. :)

NOTE:Gopuram or Gopura, is a monumental tower, usually ornate, at the entrance of any temple, especially in Southern India. This forms a prominent feature of Koils, Hindu temples of the Dravidian style.They are topped by the kalasam, a bulbous stone finial.

Updates as of Oct. 11th. 2011

NOTE1: Amitji will be very busy from Oct. 25th 2011 to Nov 20th 2011 as he is conducting his son's Annaprashn ceremoney and so he has requested that he will not be able to make it to the temple if anyone wants to visit the temple and meet him there. Also please keep this in mind when you call him during this time and you if don't get to speak to him, he might give you a call back later :)

Update as per Sep. 16.2011

Good news from the Shibpur Temple,

Good news is that the thatched structure for Baba’s room which was going to be ready soon with a pakka construction! This is ALMOST ready and will be INAUGURATED this OCT 15th.Amitji has mentioned that there are various services on this day such as Annadan ,Special Pooja to Baba,Homa will also be done.So donations are accepted for this day if anyone wants offer any service on this day.

1.Amitji mentioned that the boundary wall that was broken is now almost getting ready.


2.Another venture is that ,close to this boundary wall there is a small room being built, this will be used ONLY for    preparing food for Annadan.So,donations are being accepted for building this room.


3.Also there is one more small room being built to place the Electrical generators in order to help during power    failures.


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Update as per Aug. 22.2011
Sairam all devotees,
By Baba's grace, the rains in Shibpur had stopped last friday afternoon and since then there are no more rains and water theats near the temple. The rain water was 100mts away from the temple. THough the boundary wall of the temple was broken, Amitji is now making efforts to build this wall. So please help him out as much as you can.

Update as per Aug. 15. 2011
Article on Miracle from Shibpur. Please see the attachment


Update as per Aug. 11. 2011
mam hoping many of you might know that there is a lot of rainfall happening in the Northern part of India including Delhi, Bihar, parts of UP, Jharkhand and West bengal. Well, the Sad part is that the areas of Kolkata including Nakshipara where the Shibpur temple is located is not in RED ALERT for they have opened the gates of the dam in the jharkhand area and the huge flow of this water is flowing towards Bengal. I heard this morning from Amitji that because of this dreadfull rainfall and flowing water, the oldest boundry wall of the Shibpur temple has demolished. THis was recorded last night. Also because of this heavy rain, the devotees/people at shibpur and other parts of that are are greatly being effected as the only source of their cooking gas is the local wood which because of the rains is now unusable.

We greatly request all the devotees to help the local people and the temple authorities to provide as much help as they can in building back the wall of the temple (once the rain stops) and to help the needy there. We will keep you posted about this. Please see the local news channels for more details on the current weather. This is as per Amitji. Please pray for the poor people there.

Update as per July.25.2011
A 97 year old man in Shibpur met Amitji and related some facts about the location of the Shibpur Temple: He said that there was very huge Neem tree in the place of the current Bade Baba;s temple. Back in the day Ramadasji's room was situated where Shibpur Baba;s thatched room currently is and Ramdasji's cow shed where he tied and fed his cows was originally in the location of the present Dhuni room. In his youth, Ramdasji was fair complexioned but short.

The 97 year old devotee also said that once Amitji's grandfather in his youth, was having a small party with his friends in the current Shibpur temple (100 year old structure) where he consumed some meat and alcohol. But from then on he had to suffer so much and pray for forgiveness from Baba and god for his behavior.

From the last 50 years (prior to Amitji's dream) no one had the courage to go in that part of the temple, as people have seen strange things happening there and believed was some demon living there. The local people were unaware of the greatness and divinity of that place. This 97 year old man always had this feeling that some day there will be a big temple built in this place and now he can relate it by the current temple.

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  Sai Baba Murthy from Mr. K. V. Ramani:

Founder and Managing trusty of Shirdi Sai Trust, Mr. K.V. Ramani who has presented funds for the construction of Shibpur Sai Temple have declared to present a marble stone human size murthy of Sai Baba along with ‘Padukas’ and ‘Nandi’ (Rishab) to the Sai temple at Shibpur.

  Donations for the construction of Sai temple at Shibpur:

With great enthusiasm and initiative Mr. S.C. Panda, IAS, Delhi has collected funds from local Sai devotees of Delhi and surroundings for Shibpur Sai Temple. With his active support and Baba’s blessings the construction work of Shibpur Sai temple is going on with great enthusiasm. Except Mr. Panda, devotees like Mr. A.P. Srivastava, Mumbai, Mrs. Seema Gadia, New Delhi, Mr. Ajoy Rastogi, Noida and Mr. Kiran Premchanda, USA have donated and helped in the Sai temple construction at Shibpur